What do you want to know about scouting?

I’m always looking for ways to share more helpful information about basketball scouting.

I’ve published a number of resources for how to get started in scouting and what some of the “big ideas” in the field are.

In the spring of 2017, I taught an online class called Basketball Scouting Crash Course to a group of 25 students who included people who work in college and professional basketball.

Now, I’d like to know how I can help even more.

Please do me a favor and fill out the short one-question survey below.

I’ll keep you posted on what I’m working on.


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  1. chanda norton says:

    Hello, after one has started their scouting career, the next roadblock is always how to become known. My biggest challenge has and continues to be how do I let people know that I’m a Scout!? Unless you get a job with a major firm or team, you are freelance and its hard to swim in that river of “evaluators, coaches or try to scout and recruit also..” This would be great information.

  2. James Kerti says:

    Hi Chanda,

    You vocalized a big part of the challenge. It’s hard to get noticed.

    The most important thing is to show up and do the work. It helps if you can maintain a public portfolio of some sort, whether it’s a free blog you update or something else.

    And it depends on what level of play you scout. If you’re evaluating low level high school players, you’re in a totally different market than if you’re swimming in NBA waters. Which market you’re in determines whose attention you’re trying to get.

    I’m going to write more about this soon. Thanks again for your question.


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