How Elite Point Guards Dominate With The Pick-And-Roll

coach nick People ask me for my opinion on point guards more than any other position.

They seem to expect me to just pick out the guys with the coolest dunks or highest assist totals.

Those things matter, but there’s something that’s a lot more crucial.

It’s how they run the most popular play in basketball: the pick-and-roll.

Running it well requires a lot more nuance than just being the quickest or the best ball-handler.

Introducing Coach Nick

To talk about how and why pick-and-roll play sets point guards like Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Steph Curry apart from their peers, I spoke with Coach Nick from BBALLBREAKDOWN.

In this video, Coach Nick and I talk about:

  • What Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Steph Curry do with the pick-and-roll that places them among the NBA’s elite point guards
  • How the top floor generals put their teammates in positions to succeed
  • The most important way for a point guard to get a teammate the ball in position to score

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