2018 NBA Draft Scouting Reports (and how to write them!)

2018 nba draft scouting reports Now that we’re firmly into the summer season of the NBA for 2018, let’s recap the NBA Draft — and even more exciting, our first Postcard Challenge! So let’s go over some 2018 NBA Draft scouting reports.

I received a good number of entries, including one from Portugal.

So I want to thank everyone who took the time to write and send me an evaluation of a 2018 NBA Draft prospect.

I approach this recap by highlighting several players from the 2018 NBA Draft class with evaluations from entries.

I provide feedback and suggestions on these reports. It gives the people who wrote the evaluations a chance to get their work out there while receiving advice and constructive criticism.


How contextual scouting helps you avoid draft mistakes

Contextual ScoutingThis guest post was written by Josh Url. Josh mentors and teaches people how to solve problems in basketball using tools like Synergy Sports Technology through his website called Contextual Scouting.

Recently James shared a post with you about THE basketball scouting question that you need to answer in order to be a successful scout.

Much like James I love this question!

It’s the most important question to ask when scouting.

But it’s just the first step of what James and I call contextual scouting.

Contextual scouting requires looking at WHY a player was successful in the area that would earn him or her minutes at the next level.


Postcard Challenge for 2018

postcard-challengeI recently wrote about the important basketball scouting question you need to answer about a player you’re evaluating.

The question goes:

What can this player do to earn minutes at the next level?

I went on to write, near the end of the article, “If you can give an answer in a 30-second elevator pitch or by writing it on a postcard, even better.”

I’m going to be literal and challenge you to do just that.

Today I’m announcing the Postcard Challenge.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do.

  1. Pick a prospect eligible for the 2018 Draft.
  2. Come up with a report about that player by answering the question I shared.


The basketball scouting question you need to answer

basketball scouting questionWhen you sit down to evaluate a player for the next level, there’s one basketball scouting question you must answer above all else.

I learned about this question years ago from one of my mentors, an NBA scout and executive, who likes to ask aspiring scouts if they know what it is.

People make all kinds of guesses.

  • “How much potential does the player have?”
  • “How big and athletic is he?”
  • “What are his work ethic and character like?”
  • “How good is his basketball IQ?”

They’re good guesses. These things matter, of course.

None of them are the answer he’s looking for though.