Basketball Scouting 101:
How to Scout Basketball

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I’m James Kerti and I started scouting basketball six years ago — without any high-level playing or coaching background.

I want to teach you the fundamentals of basketball scouting — especially the basics and how to get started.

If you’re a hardcore fan or you’re trying to make your way in the basketball world, I’m here to help.

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I’m going to share with you:

  • Important background information you need to know before you can start scouting
  • The biggest mistakes rookie scouts make — and how to avoid them
  • How to start scouting wherever you are right now

By the end you’ll be ready to take your next steps in the world of basketball scouting.

First, the basics…

Let’s go!

Basketball Scouting: Foundation

2 Types of Scouts You Need to Know About

Before you can start anything new, you must understand what you’re getting into.

There are two core types of basketball scouts with different skills and responsibilities.

If you don’t know about them, it’ll be hard to move forward.

By the end of the above article, you’ll know about the different types of scouts and have an idea about what direction could be right for you.

Why your mindset as a scout matters more than anything

Effective basketball scouting requires good judgment and a mastery of your mind.

Human thought patterns are tricky things and they can lead you astray.

If you come in with your own preconceptions about what makes a good player — and if you don’t examine and challenge your own ideas — you’ll make crucial mistakes.

Better to practice self awareness in scouting the right way.

Learn how to take control of your thoughts and emotions to do a good job as a basketball scout and learn from your mistakes.

5 Scouting Habits to Help You Improve

Scouting isn’t something you do once and become good at. Like any skill, it takes consistency and practice.

And not just any practice will do. You have to practice well. To do so requires good habits.

In the above article I show you the five key habits that worked for me and allow me to take my basketball scouting to the next level.

Basketball Scouting: Tactics and Strategy

How to scout athleticism and potential

Evaluating characteristics like athleticism and potential can be tricky — even for a veteran scout.

Part of the problem is they’re difficult to define. What exactly are we talking about when we refer to athleticism and potential?

You need to learn how to break things down into smaller pieces.

Read the article above. I show you how to develop your own system for becoming a detail-oriented scout.

How scouts can benefit from analytics

Contrary to what some people will tell you, basketball scouting and basketball analytics represent two pieces of the same puzzle.

They use different methods to help you find answers to important basketball questions.

Leave one out and you deprive yourself of necessary information.

Check out the article to find out how basketball scouts can find value in using analytics — in a way that makes their work better.

How to set scouting goals

Basketball scouting can be quite overwhelming, especially at first.

As with any line of work, setting goals for yourself helps you carve out a path to success while keeping you focused on doing a good job with the work that matters in the moment.

By setting helpful goals, you can reduce a lot of your stress and focus on taking the actions that matter most.

Let me show you how I set goals that keep me on track and doing my best work.

Basketball Scouting: Next Steps

How to Start Scouting

The first steps in anything new are difficult.

This article covers the first steps you can take as a scout and what to expect.

Read about how I got started in the industry without any high-level playing or coaching experience.

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